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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance is a simple, affordable way to help look after your loved ones, even when you’re not around.


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What is life insurance

With life insurance you choose a lump sum amount (for example £75,000). This amount is paid out if the insured person dies or is terminally ill (which means that they have 12 months or fewer to live).

Who is paid?

The lump sum is paid to the insurance's "policy owner".

Who can apply?

It can vary by insurer, but usually any person between the ages of 18 & 64 (and who lives in the UK) can apply.

What is covered?

Life insurance covers any cause of death - e.g. sickness, accident, etc.

What isn't covered?

There are few standard "exclusions" for suicide or due to alcohol or drug misusewithin the first 13 months of setting up the policy. When taking out life insurance always read the terms to ensure the policy meets your lifestyle needs.

In some rare cases, Insurers can decline a claim if there has been "non-disclosure" on the application form (for example not mentioning a history of illness). For this reason, if you are not sure about the relevance of any information it's always best to include it on your application.

Get health Insurance today.

We provide quotes from the UK’s top health insurance providers and put them all in one place for you to choose from. How much money could you save BeProtected Beyond Comparison.

Get over 50's life cover today

With an over 50s policy there is no medical required and acceptance is guaranteed. The policy is designed to leave your loved ones with a tax free lump sum in the event of your death. This lump sum could be used to pay for funeral costs or simply as a financial gift for your family.

Cover that will help protect your family

Level insurance pays out a fixed amount, so this will help give your family a financial safety net. This cover could also be ideal for helping cover the amount borrowed with an interest-only mortgage.                                                                      

Cover that will help pay off your mortgage

Decreasing insurance helps to protect your family financially if you have a repayment mortgage or loan. As what you owe reduces over time, so does the amount of cover. This helps keep costs lower.

Critical illness cover with Life Insurance

Life and critical Illness cover pays out a lump sum if you either die, or are diagnosed with a critical illness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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