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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance is a simple wayto help look after yourself and your family. It helps to avoid long NHS waiting times for appointments and treatments providing that additional peace of mind that should you or your family become ill or injured you will be able to get care promptly and easily.



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Why take out health insurance?

Becoming ill is stressful enough without having to worry about lengthy NHS queues for treatment. Private medical insurance can give peace of mind to individuals that they won't have to wait for the procedures or care they might need as the cost of private treatment will be covered.


Different types of cover

Some plans will only cover treatment while you are in hospital, while others will also provide outpatient help.  With most private medical insurance policies, you pay a monthly premium and the policy will then pay out, up to specified cover limits, for any treatment you might need.



What else you should know

Premiums on health or medical insurance policies tend to increase the older you are.

Many if not most policies charge an excess - the amount of any insurance policy you must pay yourself. If your looking for comprehensive cover or are older and would like to keep costs down a good option is to choose a health insurance policy offering a wider range of benefits but also allows you a higher excess.

Customer Reviews


"Good service indeed." The young chap (sorry, forgotten his name) was very polite, too the point and moving along quickly when I told him i had other commitments approaching fast. Good service indeed.


     Timothy, Derbyshire


"Thank you" a very friendly company to talk to i got the insurance i was after and was pleased with the service



     Kevin, Hull